Chakras 101

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$35.00 Chakras 101

In this 90-minute workshop, you'll learn about the chakras (pronounced "cha-krus") which are the seven energy centers of the body which align the spine.  Marion will give you the background on each chakra and will teach you how to identify them, incorporate them into your yoga practice and into your every day life.  Through a gentle yoga practice you will experience, firsthand, how to activate and balance your chakras.  This class will include a Q&A and, of course, will end with savasana. (Offered both in-studio and online)

Marion Blasch

Marion believes in each person’s potential and strives to guide them to find their inner strength. She was a lead cyclist on the University of California Berkeley Women’s cycling team. In her home town of San Diego, she taught spin aerobics in exclusive studios, and later, to military at the Naval Base, Millington, TN. Marion holds an MBA from the University of Memphis and held a career in investment marketing. She is an avid swimmer and prior master’s coach. Marion is dedicated to her family and enjoys instructing barre and yoga. Marion is certified by Metropolitan School of the Arts and Yogafit (RTT200).  She strives to maintain a high level of fitness and nutritional health while inspiring others to do so as well!   

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