Belly Dancing!

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$23.00 Belly Dancing SINGLE CLASS

Join the fabulous Kelly Postula for this Beginners Belly-Dancing class which will build upon fundamental arm positions; introduce geometric planes (the way we move in space); varying trunk movements such as shimmies, accents and undulations; and facilitate the identification of Arabic rhythms.  Grab your hip scarf* and let’s dance! 
  * hip scarf optional ;) but bring yours if you have one!

Here are some comments from folks who attended the Intro to Belly Dancing class which Kelly led recently at Breathe:
"I thought Kelly was a very positive and upbeat teacher. She kept validating women----we need more teachers like her. She was fabulous!"

"This was a very good teacher. She knows her art! I've had many dance teachers and I can say she is very good!"

"The intro to the different types of styles, music, etc, was fabulous, and so was the intro to the steps. Very clear, and made so much sense"

Please wear comfortable clothing to move in, such as leggings and a stretchy top. You are welcome to dance barefoot, with socks, or ballet slippers.

Kelly Postula

Kelly is an official Dance Cohesion Stage 1 Trained Teacher. Kelly's whole presence as a teacher is warm, encouraging, detailed, caring, and fun! She breaks things down in a very detailed, complete, and logical sequential way. She has studied various styles of belly dance including Raqs Sharqi, Folkloric, Balkan and Odissi, and particularly enjoys creating Fusion choreographies that experiment with Modern Contemporary style. Kelly was drawn to dance at a young age as it allows her freedom of expression in ways that her day-to-day life doesn't frequently offer, and she enjoys facilitating this freedom with her students.

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