After many years managing spinal pain and injury, Judy discovered that the regular practice of yoga finally allowed her to find strength and opening in her body to support her spinal health. She received her 200 hour certification from the Fluid School in 2016 and has been teaching yoga ever since. She also completed an additional 300 hours in April of 2023 and is now a 500 RYT Yoga Teacher.  Judy is also a certified Speech-Language Pathologist so teaching has been a part of her life for many years. She believes there is nothing like a regular yoga practice to retrain the brain towards mindful movement, sustained focus, and the feeling of being fully present in the moment. She also believes yoga is for every body and strives to support her students in gaining full access to movement on the mat with an emphasis on strength and alignment. Judy’s practice encourages you to connect breath to movement, nurturing body and mind as you flow and cultivating strength, balance and confidence each time you make your way to your mat. 

Judy's Upcoming Classes

Wednesday - October 04, 2023 / EST
Vinyasa Yoga
Wednesday 10/4/2023
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Main Studio

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